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Acknowledgment of those who have helped us to secure Bosch products.

Bosch products

Bosch Products Hall of Fame


Walisson Gomes (Walisson Gomes)

Fady Oueslati (Fady Oueslati)

Sebastien Leger

Artem Zinenko from Kaspersky ICS CERT

Sergey Toshin of Oversecured Inc (Sergey Toshin)

Alexander Nochvay from Kaspersky ICS CERT


Matan Dobrushin and Eran Jacob from OTORIO Research

Andrey Muravitsky from Kaspersky ICS CERT

Aytaç Kalıncı (Aytaç Kalıncı)

Alexander Nochvay and Andrey Muravitsky from Kaspersky ICS CERT

Wouter de Droog (Wouter de Droog)

Chizuru Toyama of TXOne IoT/ICS Security Research Labs of Trend Micro

Kanhaiya sharma (@Kanhaiya_sh4rma Kanhaiya Sharma)

Jasper Westerman (Jasper Westerman)

Sebastien Leger


Alfred (Alfred)

Dhiraj Mishra (Dhiraj)

Hamid Rezaei @ ZharfPouyan Toos (Xer0Days)

Eli Paz

Gjoko Krstic (@Gjoko Krstic)

Nir Yehoshua (@NirYeho)

Kishore Hariram (Kishore Hariram)

Shahid Ahmed (@ehsahid)

Mehmet Can GÜNEŞ (@mehmetcangunes)

Ritik Chaddha (@RitikChaddha)

delta0ne @ Vantage Point Singapore (delta0ne)


Oleksii Orekhov (Oleksii Orekhov)

Philip Kazmeier (Philip Kazmeier)

Maxim Rupp (@mmrupp)

Randall Stroup (Randall Stroup)


Benedict Charles

Bosch PSIRT Hall of Fame Policy

Researchers who report vulnerabilities in Bosch products and websites, after proper validation of their finding, can choose to appear in the Bosch PSIRT Hall of Fame.

Information that can be displayed in the Hall of Fame:

  • Complete name
  • Alias or nickname
  • Link to personal social media page (e.g. Twitter, Facebook)
  • Link to personal professional social media page (e.g. LinkedIn, Xing)
  • Link to business social media page (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing)
  • Link to hacker’s communities sites (e.g. Bugcrowd)

Information that cannot be displayed in the Hall of Fame:

  • Links to personal websites
  • Links to company’s website
  • Links to any site with unknown terms and conditions or content moderation
  • E-mail addresses

Please note that researchers can request to be removed from the Hall of Fame at any time. For this, they should send an email to with the subject “Request of removal from HoF.”

Bosch PSIRT public keys

Search our S/MIME key here
Fingerprint: 87:F1:6F:70:60:D2:94:83:82:AC:69:F5:46:86:7C:80:7F:86:1D:F0

Find our PGP Key here
Fingerprint: F355 92D1 0BB0 617E FA47 3C9D E8F9 BF8B B992 610A