Bosch Product Security Incident Response Team

About us

The Bosch Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) is the central point of contact for external security researchers, partners, and customers to report security information related to products developed by Bosch and its brands.

Why report vulnerabilities?

Responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities has longer-term benefits because it allows us to fix vulnerabilities, inform customers about fixes, and continuously improve security in our products. If you believe you have identified a potential vulnerability or security issue in a Bosch product or service, please contact us using our Vulnerability Reporting process. We strongly encourage you to encrypt all communication with the Bosch PSIRT. Our S/MIME and PGP public keys and fingerprints are available at the bottom of each page.




Bosch PSIRT public keys

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Fingerprint: 87:F1:6F:70:60:D2:94:83:82:AC:69:F5:46:86:7C:80:7F:86:1D:F0

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Fingerprint: ED:47:BD:35:F9:C8:5A:52:3F:08:A7:B8:55:60:42:DB:20:A6:AB:46